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Waterproofing your home or building is one of the most essential parts of construction or even renovation. Interior part of any building must be kept dry and the process to ensure this is called waterproofing.  Without this crucial step, you might face water infiltration which can be a cause of mold, insect infestation and even structural failures.

 If you are looking for waterproofing solutions in Faridabad, Haryana, you can think of Mangla Traders Empire. We are the authorised distributors of Dr Fixit waterproofing products in Faridabad City and also dealers of Cico waterproofing materials. We cater to all your waterproofing needs by offering high quality products along with some useful advice.

Advantages of waterproofing

The following are some points which will throw light on why waterproofing your home is so important:

  • Water seepage, if left unchecked can cause mold on the walls which can affect your family’s health. Waterproofing your house can prevent this and thus ensure your family’s safety.
  • If water reaches the electrical wires inside the building, it can lead to short circuits and even fires. Thus it becomes very important to waterproof your house and avoid water infiltration.
  • Moisture or water can create a havoc in the house by ruining items of personal use or other belongings. Creating a waterproof house can lend you the much needed peace of mind, especially during the monsoon season.
  • Water seepage and ceiling leakage can lead to structural damage such as foundation sinking and even rotting walls. Using waterproofing products from Dr. Fixit and other such companies can help you avoid such risks.

Where should waterproofing be done?

Being the authorised dealers of Dr. Fixit in Faridabad and dealers of Cico waterproofing products, offer several items to choose from. However in order to choose the right waterproofing product, you must know where exactly waterproofing should be done.

  • First you must identify the areas of the house which are prone to water clogging or areas that come in contact of water on a frequent basis.
  • Bathroom and kitchen are the two most apt choices for waterproofing inside any building. In some cases, the basement may also need proper waterproofing.
  • When it comes to the exterior of the house, the roof, the balcony and the outer walls come in contact with rain water and moisture quite frequently.
  • Hence these areas must be kept in mind while choosing waterproofing and waterproofing products.

Waterproofing Solutions available today

These days, a wide range of waterproofing solutions are available depending upon the problem area. Mangla Traders Empire is proud to offer you Dr. Fixit waterproofing solutions along with several items from Cico as well. You can shop for many waterproofing products from us and that to in quantities of your choice. The following are some types of waterproofing solutions you can choose from:

  1. Surface treatment

Surface treatment is the process of treating your outer walls or exterior surfaces with water repellent materials so that water does not collect on them.

  1. Membrane damp proofing

This process entails to damp proofing certain areas of the house so that molding is avoided. You can buy several inexpensive waterproofing products in Faridabad from us to apply this method easily.

  1. Cavity wall construction

This process may take time and resources but creates a full-proof waterproof shield for your walls. It entails creation of a cavity which avoids seeping of water inside the house. This is usually done by building an extra wall on the outside.

How waterproofing is done?

The following are the steps to be followed in order to perform waterproofing:

  • The first step is to select your waterproofing agent with the help of your contractor.
  • The next step is to grind and smoothen your walls for the waterproofing agent to be applied evenly.
  • Fill gaps and holes in the walls using concrete to ensure that there are no gaps in the water proof barrier which is to be created.
  • The waterproofing product must bond well with the concrete and for this, the walls must be cleaned and washed thoroughly.
  • The last step is to apply the agent or product on the walls.


It can be really tricky to choose the right product for your waterproofing needs since there is a plethora of options available. There are many stores and distributors of waterproofing products in Faridabad, Haryana but only at Mangla Traders Empire you get the right guidance and advice. Some top agents of waterproofing are: Dr. Fixit Primeseal, Dr. Fixit Pidicrete and Dr. Fixit Crack x Filler. Visit us to know more!