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Tiles and Adhesives

Tiles and Adhesives

At Mangla Traders Empire, it is our goal to offer a vast range of home construction/improvement products. Without tiles and adhesives, no construction or renovation work is possible. Hence we bring to you some of the best tiles and adhesive options. We deal in high quality floor and wall tiles at the best prices. Also we offer strong adhesive solutions for construction and repair purposes.


Tiles are an indispensable part of any indoor or outdoor space. Whether it is your home or your office, a school building or a shopping mall, tiles are required everywhere. You can fulfil all your tile requirements at Mangla Traders Empire. We sell not just high quality tiles but also many different types, sizes and finishes; giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Tiles by location

You may choose tiles at Mangla Traders Empire on the basis of the location of application.

  • Bathroom tiles
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Roof tiles
  • Parking tiles
  • Swimming pool tiles
  • Etc…

Tiles by Finish

Another way to select a tile for your space is by choosing it on the basis of its finish:

  • Glossy tiles
  • Matte tiles
  • High glass polish tiles
  • Satin finish tiles
  • Sugar finish tiles
  • Lapato finish tiles
  • Etc…

Tiles by Type

Some people like to select their tiles depending upon their characteristics.

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Anti skid tiles
  • Vitrified tiles
  • Highlighter tiles
  • Stain resistant tiles
  • Nano tiles
  • Germ free tiles
  • Etc…

Tiles by Design

At Mangla Traders Empire, you can select tiles based on their design:

  • 3D Tiles
  • Wooden Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Texture Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Moroccon Tiles
  • Plain Tiles
  • Pattern Tiles
  • Etc…


Mangla Traders Empire is the most sought after names in Faridabad when it comes to buying Adhesives. Adhesives are an essential part of construction of any space. Besides this, they are used for simple day to day activities and DIY tasks. We are associated with major adhesive brands including Fevicol,Tenax and Roff in both wholesale and retail capacities. These brands are responsible for producing excellent quality adhesives which are used for industrial and commercial purposes. While Fevicol is used as an adhesive for wood, Roff is used for tiles and Tenax for marble.


Mangal Traders is an authorized distributor of the complete range of Fevicol. Fevicol is a white synthetic resin adhesive which comes in use of carpenters and mainly sticking wood. Within fevicol comes a vast range of products which differ on the basis of application. Some of the Fevicol products you can find with us include:

  • Fevicol SH
  • Fevicol Marine
  • Fevicol Hi-Per
  • Fevicol HeatX
  • Fevicol Ezee Spray
  • Fevicol ProBond
  • Fevicol SpeedX

Whatever your adhesive requirement is, we can fulfil it by providing you all of the above said products in quantities of your choice!


Mangal Traders is a leading distributor of Roff. Roff is a recently developed polymer-modified tile adhesive. This gray-colored adhesive is useful for sticking a variety of tile types, including ceramic/clay tile, terracotta tile, and several others. It offers a tried-and-true, all-in-one answer for many commercial applications, such as walling and flooring. Roff produces a variety of tile adhesives, grouts, and screed operations, all of which offer you great performance, strength, and durability. Visit us today to find your prefered Roff tile adhesive and tile cleaners as we keep the complete range of Roff products.


We are the most trusted Tenax distributor in the area of Faridabad. What makes Tenax so popular and useful is the fact that it is one of the very few adhesives used for sticking stone. People use it for fixing and filling the cracks and gaps in marble, onyx, and other stones. At Mangla Traders Empire, you can order and buy large quantities of this product for varied uses.