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When it comes to the construction of a building, one thing you cant do without is Putty or Wall Putty. But do we really know what this material is and how useful it can be for the longevity of your home or office? For those who want to know about the uses, benefits and application of putty, this is just the right page. Mangla Traders Empire is an authorised distributor of Putty in Faridabad. We are the most popular wholeseller, retailer and distributor of wall putty and can meet all your wall care needs. Besides this, you can contact Mangla Traders Empire for paints and other wall products as well. Wall Putty, Putty or Putty Paint are the different names for a white cement-based powder which is made of polymers and different minerals. It is crucial to use putty during construction of any space because it smoothens the surfaces by filling the holes and cracks on it. Without a smooth base, it is not possible to get the perfect finish after painting of the walls. Another reason why putty is indispensable for your walls is that it helps to keep mould and stains away. Types of Putty There are different types of putty based on the surface it is being applied to.  Make sure you use the right kind of variant to get the desired results.
  1. Cement Wall Putty
This is the most commonly used Putty type, especially in Indian homes and offices.  Cement wall putty serves the purpose of repairing masonry and concrete surfaces.  It is available in a powdered form and has to be mixed with water before application.  After mixing with water, the paste must neither be too thick nor too runny. Cement wall putty must be applied using a spatula. It must be allowed to dry for a day before painting of the walls.
  1. Acrylic Wall Putty
Acrylic wall putty is the other variant which is used on drywall and gypsum surfaces. This kind of putty is available in two forms: powdered and ready-to-use.  One benefit of this putty paint is that it can be mixed with paint color so as to get desired color result on the walls. But on the other hand, it is not as durable as cement wall putty. Benefits of Wall Putty It is extremely important to use putty while preparing any wall. The following points will convince you furthermore:
  • Covers holes and cracks: Putty helps cover any holes or cracks present in the wall, thus resulting in a smooth finish.
  • Base for painting: Putty works well as the base for wall painting and helps enhance the end results.
  • Extensive usage: This cement based powder can be used to create different designs and wall textures, and is being used creatively by interior designers these days.
  • Water-resistant: One of the main benefits of using putty is that it is water and moisture resistant.
  • Results in Durability: By adding putty to a wall, you end up making the wall more durable and sturdy.
  • Provides strength: Putty provides a certain structural integrity to you walls and thus the building.
How to use Wall Putty Here’s a step by step guide to apply putty most effectively:
  • The first step is to decide which putty would be most apt for your walls depending upon whether the surface is drywall or plaster. For both these surfaces, acrylic putty would work the best.
  • After this, the area must be washed and cleaned properly. Any loose debris must be removed from the area before application of putty.
  • Next, the wall care putty must be mixed and applied to ensure perfect results. In case of powdered form, putty must be mixed with water and then applied using a wide flat blade knife. Application must be done only in one direction for smooth end look. Once applied, the putty must be left for 24 hours in order to harden it before painting of the walls.
  • Use a second coat if necessary as it helps to get rid of wrinkles or bubbles.
  • You must sand the surface on which putty has been applied to further smoothen it before applying paint.
So now that you know what putty is, what are the benefits of putty and how to apply wall putty, you must definitely use it for your next construction or renovation project. Mangla Traders Empire is one of the trustworthy authorised distributor of putty in Faridabad, Haryana. If you are looking for putty sellers or Birla White putty distributors or sellers, don’t forget to contact us for the quickest delivery in Faridabad area.