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Exterior paint, as the name suggests is the paint that is applied to the exterior part of a building. Often we pay more attention to the colour scheme and quality of interior paint. But exterior paint is as important and one must choose it carefully for long-lasting results. Due to lack of knowledge or guidance, people tend to make certain mistakes when choosing exterior paints. There are several good authorised dealers of paints in Faridabad who can provide you the right direction on the subject. If you are someone who is planning on painting or repainting your exteriors, the following information will prove useful:

Common mistakes people make when selecting exterior paints:

1. Not Considering the weather
One of the primary things to consider when choosing paint for your exterior walls is the climate of the region. Constant exposure to sun and heavy rainfall can really take a toll on the exterior paint. Certain paint finishes hold up better against the sun than the others. Similarly, if you live in an area which receives good amount of rainfall, then you might want to choose a paint that is designed to protect against water. Inferior quality paints may not last as long as the superior ones which can be purchased at Mangla Traders Empire, an authorised dealer of paints in Faridabad.

2. Selecting the wrong type of exterior paint
An important decision which most people do not make when selecting outdoor paint is choosing between latex and oil based paints. Latex paint must not be applied over a coat of oil-based paint as it will not stick on it and will end up peeling off after some time. It is true that a good quality paint may cost you more but will also prove better in the long run. High quality paints do not lose their colour consistency for several years and are definitely worth the price.

3. Not prepping the surface before painting

Some people make the mistake of not prepping the exterior walls before painting them. A properly cleaned, sanded and primed wall will hold the paint for much longer. However if you do not invest in applying a good primer over the walls, you may have to go for two coats of paint. This will result in wastage of both time and money. So to get avoid going over budget and getting better results, always prepare your walls before paint application

4. Not going for high quality materials

Compromising on materials is another mistake to avoid when going for exterior wall painting. A lot of us opt for cheap paints and low quality primers for our exterior walls. This can result in unsatisfactory results, a dull finish and short life of the paint. However if you invest in high quality paints and brushes, results thus obtained would be much better. There are several trusted authorised dealers of paint and paint materials in Faridabad who can provide you with just the right materials.

5. Not using a professional

Painting the exterior walls of any space is a time taking project if you don’t go for a professional painter. It can be stressful and may prove to be costly in case you don’t get it right on your own the first time. Hiring a professional may mean a little bit of an investment but will result in superb outcome.
Exterior walls are the first impression your house can make on your guests as well as passer-bys. By avoiding the above given mistakes, you can get beautiful exteriors, which reflect your personality. Never buy paint products from untrusted sellers as this can prove to be a costly mistake. Visit Mangla Traders Empire today for the best paint brands and superior quality paint products like putty, primer and paint brushes.